WorryFree Dentures

Only at Advara Dental & Dentures in Harrisburg, PA

Worry-Free Dentures from Advara Dental & Dentures in Erie, PaYour new WorryFree Denture is just what the name says, worry free! Most denture warranties do not cover replacement due to loss, discoloration, excessive wear or inappropriate use. With your WorryFree Denture from Advara Dental & Dentures, you'll receive a one (1) time replacement of your denture with-in the first (5) years after your permanent denture insert, for the cost of the WorryFree regular price*. You will still receive your regular seven (7) year warranty against routine use breakage, cracking, or fracturing, but now, you will not have to worry about dropping or even losing your denture. With this one-time WorryFree replacement discount and the free reline, you will be worry-free for many years to come.

  • Seven (7) year warranty**
  • Ultra-premium pressure packed, heat-cured processing for the ultimate fit and unsurpassed comfort
  • Patient-specific shaded acrylic
  • Patient-specific, life-like tooth mold selection
  • Highly characterized gum replication
  • High-grade, natural looking denture teeth with multiple shade and mold selection
  • Ultra-durable, long-lasting resin construction
  • Maximum stain and odor resistance
  • Plaque- and bacteria-resistant, color-stable denture base
  • FREE annual professional denture cleaning
  • FREE annual oral exam
  • FREE relines throughout the warranty period
  • ONE TIME First 5 years, price replacement coverage for any reason including loss or damage.
  • Flexible payment plans